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We love old boats, and so do you!

The '60s and '70s were a classic time for heavily-built boats with traditional lines, and they have a strong following to this day. That is why so many owners, groups, and forums abound. Many of the most commonly restored boats are from that period—Donzi, Boston Whaler, Mako, Aquasport, Wellcraft, Egg Harbor, Glastron Bertram, Cigarette, and Formula. Those are some of the most popular makers, but really any older boat will do. Older boats were really overbuilt. What we're finding now is that if the boat has not been overused or is not under a lot of stress, it can go on forever. When you choose to have your boat restored, you are getting a new boat.


Your older boat was built stronger and thicker than the boats being built today—which are twice as expensive as it would be for you to restore yours to its old glory. Dan will take your sound old boat and go through it. Do you remember what your boat looked like new?

It's Simple Economics.

"Boat restoration presents the unique kind of satisfaction that you will enjoy year after year without taking an unnecessary toll on your pocket book." —Daniel Patten

Many things are changing right now, and that includes boating. New boat sales are way down, and their prices are way up. Resin, plastics, metals, and paint prices have risen in lockstep with oil prices. There is a better way to enjoy boating! Dan will take your well-built boat (well-built being key), repair years of damage properly, update your hardware and electronics, give it an aesthetic push, and all for much less than a new boat will cost.

Dan is happy to do as much or as little as you like. If you want to do some work and/or upgrade yourself, he's flexible. Dan will complete all the major repairs, collision, wet core replacement, transoms, bow thrusters, hardtops, paint, and custom color match gel coat.

Creativity comes into play not just advising on colors and textures and nonskid treatments but also looking for efficient ways to solve a problem. Large repair corporations have massive expenses that must be paid and are often rated and compensated by the amount billed. Dan feels it is important for him to find an affordable solution. He doesn't have many deep-pocketed clients, and even if he did, his level of integrity would not permit him to be comfortable with just running up the tab as high as possible and sending away people that cannot afford that level.

"When people have something wrong with their boat, mechanical or otherwise, and they're afraid of what it would cost to fix it, they don't know where to go—they put off dealing with it. So the boat just sits there, and sits there—they don't maintain it—don't deal with it, they don't clean it, and it just kind of snowballs. The boat starts losing value.

We can turn that process around. I've seen cases where people say, 'You know, why don't I fix that one thing that started this whole process.' They'll bring it in and say, 'What can we do to make this look better?' One thing just leads to another, and that changes their whole attitude toward the boat." —Daniel Patten

Dan's clients tell him that the main reason they picked Dan's Marine Fiberglass was that he was personally available online, by phone and in person. Clients interact and deal with the owner of Dan's Marine Fiberglass. Dan's a boat professional, not a salesman/service writer! In fact you're welcome to stop by anytime, and he'll be happy to send pictures of your project via e-mail.

A little about Dan
"I take my trade very seriously, and I feel motivated to protect my reputation for professional work without overcharging. I actually like the work." —Daniel Patten

Dan Patten has been working on performance boats and sailboats since 1975. He started with fiberglass, making kayaks. In '76, he was working in a small fiberglass shop making precision parts for Boeing. Looking for more of a challenge, he took a job in Milwaukee at Ski Boats of Wisconsin making low-profile 19-ft. Gofast boats. You know the type—Metalflake gelcoats with massive v8 and Berkley jet drive.

In '77, he went to work at Legnos Boat in Groton, Connecticut, now referred to as LBI. They were building three sizes of traditional cat boat, and the previous two guys were let go, so no one was around to train Dan. From there he had to learn many things mostly on his own with periodic oversight by owner. It was trial by fire; he had to continue production while learning 2 color gelcoat, spray both colors, change 26 ft boat to 30 ft, and change all its molds to new sizes and shapes.

Dan learned how to go from hull plan drawings to lofting stations (sectional slices), make frames, fair, and use to create mold. This was for 35 ft lobster/fish boat for the first fuel crisis of '79/'80.

Discovering that he thoroughly enjoyed restoration, Dan began working for a successful boat repair, restore, and repainting company at Noank shipyard in 1981. From there, he made trips to work on maxi racers in Largo, Florida, and 12-meter boats in Newport, Rhode Island, and the Isle of Wight, UK (this boat was an English entry in an American cup).

After that, Dan worked many years at River Landing Marina doing paint and repair. During that time Hurricane Gloria (1985) hit the large marina, and they had to put dozens of boats back together. He worked 6 days a week for a year and a half with crew to repair Gloria's damage.

In '89, the last recession of the '80s hit. Dan, along with many other workers, was laid off. He then worked at a small glass shop setting up mobile repair while he was there.

In 1995, after years of repairing and fabrications, he went to work for himself.

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